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Welcome to Rachael Olan Photography.

I began creating photographs in my head when I was very young, visualizing and conceptualizing sans camera. When I was handed 
my first camera at about 10 years old, the magic truly began. I photographed everything from people and places to 
wildlife and nature, and more! I never thought of photography as more than a hobby,but, as I honed my skills, I began to realize it
would become much more than that. 

I use photography as a means of expression. It is a way for me to enter into a world in which I would in no other way be a part,
and to interact with subjects I would otherwise be unable to engage with. Macro photography allows me to explore the relatively
miniscule details in a manor where those very details become the focal point, and, in turn, the piece itself. My goal with this particular
genre of photography is to allow the viewer to enter into a microcosm in which they have never experienced -- to extend my
enchanted, romantic, and rarely experienced view of this not-so-easily accessible realm to them.

I am inspired to compose when the view of a subject changes just by getting a little closer than the eye can normally see. When
composed correctly, the most simplistic of subjects can become a plethora of wonder. The imagination can be amplified even further
just by getting a taste of what is in existence beyond our view.